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Over The Years, Dan Seguin has diligently stayed ahead of the curve by keeping current with the technologies available to make you home inspection precise, accurate, and detailed to high standards. Dan's 20 plus years of servicing the Construction and Real Estate Communities will assure you a home inspection that is thorough and well representative of your homes current status! 


The Power of a Pre Sale Inspection.​

Having the inspection report on your table or counter for viewings is a definite selling feature. You can also display the receipts for the repair costs, to show them that any issues were fixed. This home inspection will also give confidence to the buyers if and when they make an offer!!

Detailed Home Inspections

Choosing a cerified inspector means choosing someone you can trust to objectively, independently and apart from anyone's interests, other than your own, provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the home and property's major systems and components.

Certified in Infra Red & Thermal 

Infrared Thermography is the science of detecting, displaying and recording thermal patterns and temperatures across the surfaces of objects. While our eyes see (detect) the Visible Light Spectrum, an infrared thermal imaging camera detects the Infrared Spectrum and displays it as a visible light image.

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