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What is Infrared Thermal Imaging?  Infrared Thermography is the science of detecting, displaying and recording thermal patterns and temperatures across the surfaces of objects. While our eyes see (detect) the Visible Light Spectrum, an infrared thermal imaging camera detects the Infrared Spectrum and displays it as a visible light image.This makes an infrared thermal imager a powerful diagnostic tool in the hands of a trained thermographer. Thermography is useful for locating missing or improperly installed insulation, hidden moisture from building envelope or plumbing leaks, water floor heating pipes, subsurface moisture in commercial flat roof systems, electrical defects, and more.Since thermal inspections are non-destructive, problem areas can be located without the need for demolition of components or structures.


Infra Red Thermal Imaging



Commercial buildings, industrial facilities, learning institutions, and residences combined lose billions of dollars in energy to the atmosphere every year. This can result in physical discomfort and needlessly high energy costs.  Excess energy loss (heating or cooling) is often caused by missing or improperly installed insulation, air infiltration, failed window seals, and/or poor construction. Infrared Thermal Inspections are a cost effective way to locate problems areas so that your repair efforts can be focused where they are needed most.


Energy Efficiant



Moisture can cause a variety of problems in a building or home. Whether the moisture originates from building envelope leaks or plumbing leaks, significant damage can result.When uncontrolled moisture is introduced into a building, mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours. This can cause adverse health effects and severe damage to building components. Continuous moisture intrusion or leaks can also cause structural damage. While Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras are not moisture detectors, they can be used by a trained thermographer to locate thermal patterns resulting from the evaporative cooling caused by the presence of moisture. By locating problem areas and correcting them sooner rather than later, thousands of dollars in repair costs can be avoided.





Infrared Thermal Imaging is a proven technology for predictive / preventive maintenance of electrical systems and components. As current flows through conductors, breakers, switch gear, and other components, heat is produced. Loose or deteriorated connections, failing components, and other problems produce heat signatures that can be identified by a trained thermographer using a thermal imaging camera. These problems can result in costly downtime, personnel safety hazards, and even fires resulting in building damage. For this reason, some insurance companies require annual infrared thermal inspections of the electrical components in commercial and industrial facilities that they insure.




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